About Us

For Rubrics founders, it all started because of three reasons: One, being teachers, urge to do something for education field. Two, to reduce time of teachers in their day-to-day administrative work to make them free for research, development and innovations in teaching & learning. Three, belief that innovation in education is nothing but implementation of Outcome Based Education System. With these reasons and a dream in heart they have started Rubrics Softcon Pvt. Ltd. in 2015 and officially registered it 2018.

Rubrics offers NAAC services like NAAC Accreditation Process Guidelines, NAAC Consultancy, Free Audit Visit, NAAC Software, NAAC Software Demo, Free NAAC Software Trial, AQAR Preparation and Submission, SSR Preparation and Submission, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of AQAR Submission and NAAC Accreditation along with NAAC Updates, NAAC Visit Preparation, NAAC Mock etc.

Rubrics offers NBA services like NBA Accreditation Process Guidelines, NBA Consultancy, Free Audit Visit,  NBA Software, NAAC Software Demo, Free NAAC Software TrialSAR Preparation and Submission, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of NBA Accreditation along with NBA Updates, NBA Visit Preparation, NBA Mock etc.

Other services offered by Rubrics are Training, Placement and Internship for experential learning of fresh talent from academics fron undergraduage or postgraduate programs. Rubrics also provides Face Value Enrichment Services where institutions are helped with Display Boards/ Charts for improving face value of the institute in front of  stakeholders and NAAC/NBA Peer Team Visit (PTV) members.

Rubrics Softcon Private Limited Pune, is associated with institutes  and universities aspiring for Quality initiative, sustenance and  enhancement across PAN India. The beginning of the company was humble, but today it is known to entire education fraternity. 

NAAC Clients (153)

NBA Clients (18)

NAAC Accreditation Clients
NBA Accreditation Clients

Our Vision

“Empower the educational institutes by providing Advisory Services and Customized Software Solutions for improvement of quality in higher education”

Our Mission

“To provide educational institutes optimal solutions with quality and service to fulfill needs of all stakeholders”